About Us

We, the Managing Platypi, are a well-travelled, diverse bunch that are all proud to call ourselves Houstonians. Between the 3 owners, we have … 1 Texas gal from the suburbs of Houston (the sweet city of Sugar Land), 2 Aussie lads from Queensland, 2 dual citizens of Australia and the US, 4 tin lids (kids), a chocolate fiend, a proud UT Longhorn, a proud U of H Cougar, 2 MBAs, 3 x foodies!, an engineer, a beanie (CPA), an Indian and a couple of finance consultants…and the list goes on. So, what does this all have to do with Platypus? Well let’s face it … the koala and kangaroo have been done!

Once upon a time in land far, far away ...

… (southwest Texas ….. just very very south and very very west!!)

The story starts with a small home brew kit that Rachna bought Sean for Christmas 10+ years ago when they first moved from Houston to Australia. Little did she realize that this was the start of a true passion. Sean went on to take a Master Brew course and upgraded the original brew kit to continue crafting his beers. The craft beer bug had definitely bit both Sean and Rachna, and they started scoping possible options for opening a brewery in Brisbane, Queensland. Alas the Brisbane brewery has not happened (yet!) but through the fortunes of life, family brought them back to Houston in 2015 and the idea of opening a brewery continued to grow.

Enter Morgan, a great friend living in Houston … although Morgan and Sean happen to both be from Australia, they actually met while living in Houston 15+ years ago and bonded over all things rugby and beer. Morgan also has his share of home brewing over the years and the idea of creating a brewery near home had instant appeal.

The concept evolved as the three Platypi discussed venture possibilities and realized that all the things that they loved about both Australia and Texas were one and the same, a cultural overlap so-to-speak. The passion of crafting great beer, while creating a friendly and relaxed neighborhood environment for people to come together and enjoy good drink and food, started to take shape. The dream quickly became a reality.

For Sean, Rachna and Morgan, food is a quintessential part of the brewery experience. We have been creating and serving culinary delights from our in-house kitchen since it first opened in 2016. Beer and food pairing, although not a new concept, is an art in-itself and we take great care crafting great beer and food combos for you to enjoy!

This is just the start of our story — you can help us continue to develop it. We are happy to be able to share our love of beer and food with you!

Fun fact – did you know the plural of platypus is platypuses?

……… We like Platypi …….